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What's up! I'm Brandon.

12 Questions with Brandon Camphor.

I'm from... my dad was in military so from all over - Born in Philly but don’t claim it cuz my family moved when I was 1 to Japan for 6 years then from there to MD which is where I claim!

When I was 5 (or whatever age), I was pretty sure I'd be a…singer or veterinarian …when I grew up.

When I’m not singing or working, you can find me… in Florida chillin wit my family. 

The best piece of advice I've ever been given is … disappointments only come to let you know how hard you’re willing to fight for what you want.

My Starbucks order is... Grande Brown Shaken Espresso w: splash of sweet cream and caramel drizzle in the cup!


Something not a lot of people know about me is… on a regular day I wear Five Below clothing .

Someone I admire greatly is… My parents! They are my hero’s as they’ve exemplified perseverance and overcoming obstacles .


People often describe me as…not afraid to ask for what I want but I would say that... I am scared of rejection! 


I’m happiest when… I’m with my family or on the studio. 

I'm always ... THINKING of extravagant ideas before I complete the first!!! I can’t turn my imagination off!! 

I would expensive clothes...unnleeessssss... I’m rich!!

  1. If  there was an award for .... walking by  faith, I would bethe winner!


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