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Hey, it's Julia.

12 Questions with Julia McMillan

I'm from... Baltimore, MD


When I was 5 (or whatever age), I was pretty sure I'd be a... veternarian when I grew up. 


When I’m not singing or working, you can find me…doing something adventurous like zip lining or obstacle courses.


The best piece of advice I've ever been given is … Do it afraid 


My Starbucks order is... medicine ball, no water, only lemonade and a birthday cake cake pop.


Something not a lot of people know about me is…I am a huge dog person and my dog is just about as spoiled as my daughter!


Someone I admire greatly is…My father. He is strong, resilient, trustworthy, dependable, wise and just a solid person.  


People often describe me as…Bubbly, fun, cool, easy to talk to, safe space and good energy. I would like to believe I'm that way too, but I would also say I am honest and vocal about how I feel! 


I’m happiest when…I'm operating in my purpose.


I'm always ... mommy(ing) minister(ing) or music(ing)


I would never...touch a spider unless it was to save a humans life.


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